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Most Haunted Locations In Northern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana

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Wolf HouseThompson HouseSedamsville RectoryMr. T's Tavern
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"What a riviting book!!! Once I started reading it I didn't want to put it down. I lost sleep over this book (not because of ghost) I stayed up late just to read. Don't miss this one...It's a "must" read." says Geri Kleier.........

Torin M. Savidge of Portland State University said: "I have to say that our investigation at Bobby Mackey's has changed my life, Wanda. I've always heard & seen things my whole life, and now that all has been validated by the investigation."......... Anthony Agate says: "Bobby Mackey's is a must for all paranormal seekers and curious bystanders. The staff there is wonderful especially Wanda and the place is amazing. Wanda teaches you ALL about Bobby Mackey's and it's amazing history..... That alone will both fascinate you and send chills down your body.".........

What is a Ghost Shop? Wanda Kay's Ghost Shop Tours & More is a little shop nestled on the outskirts of Newport in a small town called Wilder Ky. It's about a 1/2 mile south of Bobby Mackeys the Most haunted nightclub In America! I have worked at that club for 10 years as a DJ, Coordinator for Investigations and the resident tour guide. I also ran a Gift Shop at Bobby Mackey's for several years. In 2013 The Mackey's decided to remove all things paranormal from their gift shop and focus on Bobby Mackey's Music.
In Oct. of 2013 I moved all the paranormal stuff to this new location and have continued on as Wanda Kay's Ghost Shop. I am located at 501 Licking pike. I book tours and investigations for Bobby Mackey's, Thompson House, Sedamsville Rectory and the Wolf House from this location. This is where people come to sign release forms and settle balances before they follow me to the haunted venue of their choice. The shop also offers haunting gifts and souvenirs. Sage, sweet grass, cleansing and healing stones, t-shirts, Tarot cards, books on how to and more can be found inside the shop. Assorted Ghost Hunting Equipment is available for purchase or rent. Sundays are dedicated to the Psychics, seminars and ghost hunting classes. Psychic Jill and Teri Page are the Resident Psychics, they are always available by appointment. Karaoke is done in the back room on Wed. nights for all ages and line dancing is taught on Thursday nights. We ask that every ghost hunter and investigator that comes to the shop please sign the paranormal wall of fame. Now that you know what the Ghost Shop is, please come visit me sometime.
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Wicked They Walk Wicked They Walk
- by Wanda Kay Stephenson

$29.95 plus $5.00 S&H

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Wicked They Walk

Jerry Zevallos reads WICKED THEY WALK

I Believe In Paranormal Things I Believe in Paranormal Things
- by Wanda Kay Stephenson

$24.95 plus $5.00 S&H

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This is a chilling collection of never before told stories. Many will find them very hard to believe. These stories are true. They tell about my strange life and all the weird, psychic and paranormal things that have made themselves known to me in many different ways over the years. I do not profess to be a psychic or a medium. I have no special powers that I am aware of but for some unknown reason, entities started making themselves known to me at a very early age. I have documented my entire life. All the ghostly experiences that I have encountered as well as all the strange, unexplainable things that I have been witness to. My entire life has been filled with many unusual and unexplained things. I dared not share any of this with anyone for fear of being ridiculed or being called crazy. Now, it's the year 2010. People everywhere are talking out about their experiences with weird, strange, psychic and paranormal things. I too have some stories to tell, and I have decided to share the strange part of my life with you.

Wanda Kay Stephenson was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1958 and moved to Northern Kentucky with her family at the age of three. She continues to live in the Blue Grass State of Kentucky today. Wanda is regarded as friendly but very business like. She is a no non- since kind of girl. She has been blessed with many talents such as art and music she also has a talent for writing. Wanda has performed on many stages for over twenty years with her husband Wanye and their band. She has written and published several songs. Wanda Kay is semi retired as a musician now and currently works as a Disc Jockey for Bobby Mackey's. Wanda Kay is also known for her work as an artist. She has painted and sketched professionally since 1977. Many of her works can still be seen in magazines, newspapers, store fronts and privet homes. Her specialties are window paintings, Holiday Windows, signs and children's walls. Her dreams have been to illustrate children's books, greeting cards and to write a novel of her own. This is her first book:

Within the pages of this book, I have documented all the weird, strange, psychic and paranormal things that I recall happening to me as a child and through out my grown up life. Every word of my stories is true to me as I remember it. There are no written documents on any of these, other than what I have written here. Many of the people that were part of, or witness to some of these events, has long since passed away. I have changed the names of only a few to protect living family members and friends from any ridicule that may come from disbelievers. I have no proof to offer other than my words, and you may not believe a word of anything that I have written here. That's OK, it doesn't bother me. If I had not lived it, I probably wouldn't believe it myself. So relax, just sit back and read my story. You don't have to believe my tales, just enjoy them.

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